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lynx-dev Question Concerning URL Access

From: Ron Canazzi
Subject: lynx-dev Question Concerning URL Access
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 04:24:33 -0500

Hello Lynx Dev:
I recently downloaded a compiled version of Lynx for Windows 95/98/NT (win32) from
and while it works quite well, I seem to have one problem that I can't solve.
In an earlier version (version 2.7x) I did not have to type the http:// before each address after issuing the Goto 'g' command.  I could simply type and Lynx would assume the http:// prefix.
When using the aforementioned compiled version (version 2.82) when I type the URL without the http:// prefix, I get the message "badly formed address" and no action results.  When typing the http:// prefix, I can access all such links.
I have tried editing the lynx.cfg prefix and suffix reference and no matter how I do so, the same error results.
I believe I should have default prefix set to:


Thanks in advance!
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