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lynx-dev bad behavior: changing assumed document charset

From: Ivan Zakharyaschev
Subject: lynx-dev bad behavior: changing assumed document charset
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 20:55:36 +0300 (MSK)


I use Lynx Version 2.8.3dev.14 and I don't like the following behavior of
it when reading Russian documents:

I have these parameters pre-set:
display character set: koi8-r
assumed document charset: koi8-r

Then I browse to a page written in another (windows-1251) charset, and, of
course, the browser shows some rave. Then go to the options screen, change
the assumed document charset to the appropriate one and accept the
changes. After this the document is reloaded and I can read it (it is
displayed correctly). So far everything seems to be all right.

But here comes the interesting thing: when I open another page with the
same charset (win-1251), for instance, following a link from the original
page (that was also in win-1251), I get again the document displayed in a
wrong way, still the options remain unchanged (one can see it going to the
options screen - the document charset is still the second one - win-1251).
Just accepting the options another time doesn't help anymore. In order to
tell the browser that the encoding of the document is win-1251, I have to,
first, to change it to some other value, to accept this change, and then,
to revert to win-1251 and accept it another time. Now - after the third
loading, the document looks pretty good.

Saving the options to disk doesn't make any difference.

I wonder whether this behavior is normal, and if not - whether this bug
has been fixed. Maybe my comment will be of some use for you.

        Ivan Z.

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