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Re: lynx-dev dropping reference list when printing

From: David Combs
Subject: Re: lynx-dev dropping reference list when printing
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 13:40:57 -0800

On Fri, Feb 25, 2000 at 12:17:30AM -0500, Philip Webb wrote:
> 000224 David Combs wrote:
> > So that we can rip off the sometimes-huge "References" section
> > of an output from Lynx, maybe append a colon ":" to the word.
> > Or maybe even more, to make it "more unique".
> which word?  even more what?  what's it?
> this is basically a very useful thought:
> how about a prompt question: `Include reference list in output? Y/N'
> how difficult would that be to code?
> it would certainly be very helpful to many Lynx users.

"which word?"  Well, suppose I want to remove the ENTIRE "references"
section.  All I need do is "/^References$/,$d".

Or an alias for a sed one-liner; or for a perl one-liner, that
writes the output back onto itself.

All I was saying was that just the single word "References" on
a line by itself -- well, THAT string could EASILY be sitting
right in the middle of the BODY!

I suggested only that that word be made a bit more "unique",
with maybe a colon after it -- well, that's not so good,
because, in the midst of text, "References:" might actually
not be too uncommon.

Maybe "references-section", or "lynx-output references-section:" --
THAT looks pretty unique to me!


Usually, I want to KEEP the references section.  So, for ME,
a PROMPT, as suggested above, would simply slow me down.

(Unless it had a default answer (settable by the user!), so
that a carriage-return (bare) would be all that's needed --
that wouldn't slow down things too much.  But REQUIRING a
y or n is too much, at least for me.  I mean, if I screw
up, I can just do it again!)

Actually, I don't like the prompt-idea too much.

But, an OPTION to either (a) say yes or no to include the
references-section or not (AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY: to
could be ok, or

(b) an extra line in the P(rint) menu FOR "without refs".



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