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lynx-dev PDCurses 2.4 and Lynx2.8.3.DEV20

From: Mike Bledig
Subject: lynx-dev PDCurses 2.4 and Lynx2.8.3.DEV20
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 22:34:37 +0200

Hi, has anyone Compiled with the new relece of PDCurses? if so, 
what would be the advantiges in doing so?

I have Compiled Lynx2.8.3.DEV20 with PDCurses2.4, but haven't 
yet played with it to note any changes.

If anyone is going to try and Compile the new PDCurses2.4 using 
Borland, they will come across a small error during the make 
process.  To fix the error, just copy the file "PDCCLIP.C" FROM 
the "\CURSES\WIN32\" directory, to \CURSES\PDCURSES\

During the making of the "PDCurses.lib" the "Borland Make" 
reports that the file "PDCCLIP.C" is missing.

Kind regards
Mike Bledig

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