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lynx-dev messages

Subject: lynx-dev messages
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 21:39:54 +0000
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Sorry, but I have to complain bitterly about lynx-2.8.3.pot. I don't
know whether these comments will help anyone, but it might make me
feel better ...

(1) There are far too many long-winded and detailed messages, when a
simple general-purpose message would suffice, e.g.:

msgid "Unable to open temporary file for mailto URL!"
msgid "Unable to reopen temporary file for deletion of link."
msgid "Can't open temporary file!"
msgid "Cannot open temporary file for news POST."

msgid "Give name of file to save in"
msgid "Enter a filename: "
msgid "Enter new name for file: "
msgid "Enter name of file to create: "

msgid "You cannot download a mailto: link."
msgid "You cannot download cookies."
msgid "You cannot download a printing option."

msgid "Out of memory reading jump file!"
msgid "Out of memory reading jump table!"
msgid "Memory exhausted!  Aborting..."
msgid "Memory exhausted!  Program aborted!"

(2) Some of the messages seem badly phrased/written, e.g.:

msgid "Execution capabilities are not compiled into this version."
msgid "Unable to access WWW file!!!"
msgid "The domain has been eaten!"
msgid "Maximum Gobble Date:"

(3) Commands are not internationalised, e.g.:

msgid "The 'd'ownload command is currently disabled."
msgid "'A'lways allowing from domain '%s'."

(4) All the messages seem to go via #defines, so the 's' in Emacs
po-mode doesn't help.

(5) Inconsisent punctuation, e.g.:

msgid "ERROR - unable to open bookmark file."
msgid "ERROR! - download command is misconfigured."
msgid "ERROR - Unable to mail file"

(6) Too many exclamation marks. You should never use more than one
'!'; it looks really unprofessional.


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