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Re: lynx-dev 283dev20 on Borland

From: Mike Bledig
Subject: Re: lynx-dev 283dev20 on Borland
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 17:35:10 +0200

Date sent:              Sun, 20 Feb 2000 18:59:52 -0500
From:                   Webmaster Jim <address@hidden>
To:                     address@hidden
Subject:                lynx-dev 283dev20 on Borland
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> I've compiled the latest Lynx dev level under Borland, but it has not
> been uploaded to my site yet.  The previous compile problem with code
> pages has been vanquished (thanks Tom), but I still got the missing
> errno report.  As usual, I added it as an int in xsystem.c, and the
> compile completed.
> More after some testing...
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> were the worst.  The second ten million they were the worst too.  The
> next ten million I didn't enjoy at all.  After that I went into a bit
> of a decline.....

I have had success in compiling dev 20 with Bc 5.0. no errors.

That Current_codepage thing is gone! yea! thanx tom.

To get a rid of that errno thing, just re-compile your "zlib.lib" using 
"multi thread model", Compiler option switch "-tWM".  Then re 
compil lynx and you should go no errors.

Just add "-tWM" to the the "ccflags" section of the makefile you 
use to build the zlib.lib

EG: at line 17 of makefile.bc32, change the line that reads:

CFLAGS= $(MODEL) -P-C -K -N- -k- -d -3 -r- -v- -f -DMSDOS

To read as shown here:

CFLAGS= $(MODEL) -P-C -K -N- -k- -d -3 -r- -v- -f -tWM -DMSDOS

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