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lynx-dev "Out of the Box" Lynx Packages

From: BK
Subject: lynx-dev "Out of the Box" Lynx Packages
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 13:21:42 -0500

I recently downloaded lynx, and the README file said that there are "out
of the box" versions available for those who don't understand how to do
a detailed installation.  It said to go to the main lynx page
(, and that there would be links to the appropriate
information from there.  Well, I went to that page but couldn't find the
links.  Could someone please direct me to the appropriate page(s)? (I
would be running lynx from a Unix system.) Also, once you obtain a
pre-compiled version, is it pretty straightforward how to proceed with
the "installation" from there?  Thanks for any help.

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