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lynx-dev Cookie won't stick?

From: Roy Rodenstein
Subject: lynx-dev Cookie won't stick?
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 12:48:16 -0500

Hi :) Love lynx! Now here's the issue I'm having. I've been using
cookies with great success, including permanent cookies (although it
seems I have temporarily over-grant cookie access until I acquire the
cookie, then I can re-limit it. Or sometimes using doesn't
work, I need to put in the whole machine name, but maybe I don't
understand how that is supposed to work?).

However, there's one site which I can't get to work. They don't tell you
the browser requirements but as long as, in Netscape, I have it set to
"accept all cookies" then the site works fine (i.e. it doesn't use
JavaScript or anything else, as far as I can tell it _just_ uses
cookies). But in lynx, after I enter my username/password to log in,
then when I go to any other page it asks me to log in again. Then it
accepts my username/passsword just fine, again, but still if I try going
to another page it asks me to log in again. This always happens.

I've tried -accept_all_cookies, put the domain and variations on it in
the cookie ACCEPT domains, put it in the sloppy
cookie-validity-checking, etc. to no avail. (I also use -user_agent with
netscape just in case, but they don't seem to check that). Any ideas?
Could it be that the cookie they try to set is _so_ invalid that lynx
doesn't even consider it?? No matter what settings I use, lynx never
asks me if I want to set a cookie when I log in, whereas under Netscape
if I set it to 'ask before setting cookie' it does tell me they try to
set a cookie when I log in. Or maybe they require the cookie be sent
back encrypted over SSL, which 2.8.2 doesn't have, so I should try
2.8.3? But since it doesn't even try to set a cookie that doesn't seem
like it'd be the problem.

Sorry to be long-winded, I wanted to give you some details to work with.
Thanks for any ideas, and as always, awesome work! :)

                                                       li'l cow
Roy Rodenstein                                           /\_/\
address@hidden                                          ( o.o )
                                                         > ^ <

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