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lynx-dev How to get to the www?

From: Gerson, Sareen
Subject: lynx-dev How to get to the www?
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 13:41:50 -0500

We can get to the University of Kansas site (outdated pages/pages of site
info, courses, etc.) but how do you get OUT of that to get to other
websites? Tried hitting ESC and typing the URLs. But I get the answer that
they are not available on this server (or somesuch)...but am trying very
ordinary URLs, for example,  and

What do I need to be able to use LYNX as a text browser that would actually
go somewhere besides Kansas?

Pls advise

(Have access to LYNX at home on a 486-333 computer and have a 56mps modum)

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