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Re: lynx-dev Posted message has no text error message

From: Vlad Harchev
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Posted message has no text error message
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 12:50:36 +0400 (SAMT)

On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, David Woolley wrote:

> > A little who-where-how on the "to specify the correct locale," please.
> > If I run "locale" without arguments it reports "japanese" for all
> > categories except LC_ALL=, which is blank.  Are you saying the user
> > needs to do something, or Lynx needs to do something?
> > 
> > Is Klaus W., or someone familiar with the news RFCs, on the list?  By
> > changing that to '!isspace(c)', I worry we could be opening Lynx's news
> > handling up to abuse, i.e., ability to post inappropriate control/escape
> > sequences.  (I'm asking, not complaining, nor blaming, nor arguing.)
> The main risk is probably from sending escape sequences to terminals not
> to the news protocol itself, but this is the sort of reason why I think
> the isspace hack is short sighted.

 I that if somebody wants to send escape sequences, this person will use other
tools (probably perl) rather than invoking external editor from lynx manually
and typing something wrong there. Also, good newsreader won't send raw escape
sequence to terminals when showing news message.
 So, I think there is nothing of real concern here - it's better to fix the
bug in that way it's done, rather than doing what idealized thinking suggests.
 Also, in theory there is a problem here - even if locale is properly set on
sending side, and isrgaph test is used, nobody guarantees that everybody on
the receiving side is using matching locale (so, the fact that isgraph() on
sending side returns true doesn't mean that it will return the same on
receiving side) - this means that 'isgraph' test is useless. The only
check to be applied by lynx should be to insure that message sent is
non-empty (and it uses "message has no content" message currently!), rather
than trying to filter out escape sequences, IMO.

 Best regards,

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