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lynx-dev a simple lynx-like xml browser in perl

From: tan
Subject: lynx-dev a simple lynx-like xml browser in perl
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 15:30:57 -0700


I've written a very simple XML browser in perl, using
ncurses and the perl XML::DOM module.

I wrote it because I wanted a character-cell XML browser
that would work like Lynx.

This browser will display, and allow the user to browse all
of, any XML file which contains only element and text nodes.

Example: the browser will display the following XML document
        <ul>animate objects           


        0: animate objects

If the user enters '0' (the number of the only child node), s/he will see:

        * animate objects

        0: plants
        1: animals
If s/he enters '1', s/he will see:

        * animals
        * dogs
I.e., in the application's display:
        - lines beginning with an asterisk are leaf nodes                
        - lines beginning with a number contain
                - the number of a child node
                - the child node's title

branch nodes

- the browser uses the value of a branch's text node as the branch's title
        - so branches should contain the title of the branch in the first text 
                - else the browser will use the wrong string for the branch's 
- the title of a branch should not contain more than ~60 characters

leaf nodes

- no restrictions on length


- one tag is the same as the next to the browser
        - e.g., the value of a text node of an element whose tag is 'title'
                will not be treated as a title

I'd love to see a version of lynx that would work like my

Please copy any comments to me at address@hidden


Tom Newman              address@hidden  ICQ: 10493221

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