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lynx-dev fatal error with 2-8-3dev.14

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev fatal error with 2-8-3dev.14
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 14:52:34 -0500

testing `.' with Lynx 2-8-3dev.14 on IRIX 5.3 ,
if i have an incorrectly formatted line in  lynx.cfg
-- eg  EXTERNAL:mailto:elm -kzq:TRUE  -- ,
Lynx gives the external command on the status line,
Elm shows its help lines for badly formatted switches,
then Lynx resumes without comment.

if the line is correctly formatted, but includes  2  cases of  %s
-- eg  EXTERNAL:mailto:elm -s %s %s:TRUE  (or similarly with Mutt) -- ,
Lynx crashes with `fatal error: code 11'.

shouldn't Lynx present a status-line message at this point,
eg `Badly formatted external command: check your lynx.cfg' ?
IIRC someone once said: "Lynx should never crash".

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