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Re: lynx-dev e-mail improvement

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev e-mail improvement
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 19:41:07 -0500

000112 Henry Nelson wrote:
> 0001xx Philip Webb wrote:
>> (2) here's an article Joe Friendly would love to see!
>> i enter  p , follow the 2nd choice, replace the default with his e-address
>> & Lynx sends the article, incl all the garbage at beginning & end
> Use a PRINTER definition in  lynx.cfg  if you wish to call your mailer
> rather than execute the default action.  Borrowing from the archives:
> #PRINTER:incl in body, prompt for add:mutt -i %s %s:TRUE
> #PRINTER:mime attach, prompt for add:mutt -a %s %s:TRUE
> #PRINTER:incl,subj prompt,dummy add:mutt -i %s -s %s address@hidden:TRUE
> #PRINTER:mime, subj prompt, dummy add:mutt -a %s -s %s address@hidden:TRUE
> The same could be done for pine or any other mailer, on Unix at least.

thanx Henry (big grin in red face)!
BTW who do i thank for the Archive entry?  you, maybe?

now i have to see if i can get EXTERNAL to work for e-mail URLs.

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