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lynx-dev Personal mail address

From: Ismael Cordeiro
Subject: lynx-dev Personal mail address
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 10:44:54 -0500 (EST)

The Lynx Users Guide says about the "Personal mail address" in the Options

|  Personal mail address
|         This mail address will be used to help you send files to
|         yourself and will be included as the From: address in any mail
|         or comments that you send. It will also be sent as the From:
|         field in HTTP or HTTPS requests if inclusion of that header has
|         been enabled via the NO_FROM_HEADER definition in lynx.cfg (the
|         compilation default is not to send the header), or via the
|         -from command line toggle.

and in .lynxrc we find:

| # personal_mail_address specifies your personal mail address.  The
| # address will be sent during HTTP file transfers for authorization and
| # logging purposes, and for mailed comments.
| # If you do not want this information given out, set the NO_FROM_HEADER
| # to TRUE in lynx.cfg, or use the -nofrom command line switch.  You also
| # could leave this field blank, but then you won't have it included in
| # your mailed comments.
| address@hidden (Ismael Cordeiro)

However, when Lynx sends mail it doesn't send in the "From:" field the
address in "personal_mail_address". Here's part of the header of a document I
mailed to myself with Lynx' "Mail the file":

| From: Ismael Cordeiro <address@hidden>
| To: Ismael Cordeiro <address@hidden>

The same happens when following a "mailto" link or sending a comment. With
other programs like Pine, Mutt or Tin I have no problem making them to send
the address I want, address@hidden

       |                                                            |
       | ISMAEL CORDEIRO            | mailto:address@hidden    |
       | Production sound mixer     |   |
       | Montréal - Québec - Canada | |

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