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Re: lynx-dev current_codepage error during linking

From: Mike Bledig
Subject: Re: lynx-dev current_codepage error during linking
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 19:57:37 +0200

Klaus Weide <address@hidden> bravely asked 
> Why do you feel so?
I am trying to figure out the cause of the error.  I thought that 
maybe I didn't build the pdcurses.lib properly.

> Maybe your version of pdcurses does not export    current_codepage
> at all.  Does it even occur in the pdcurses  source files? 

That is what I'm trying to find out.  Where in the source code of the 
pdcurses.lib is current_codepage defined.  There has to be a 
reason why the linker can't see the code.

I know I'm playing with a version still in the making.

I downloaded from:
>    Klaus


Original message:
> > Hey there guys, 
> > 
> > the error:
> > Error: Unresolved external '_current_codepage' referenced from
> > module src/lycurses.c  
> > 
> > Has been blocked out, but I feel that's not the
> > answer.

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