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Re: lynx-dev dev.18 patch: USE_PRETTYSRC, lynx.cfg

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev dev.18 patch: USE_PRETTYSRC, lynx.cfg
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 01:59:26 -0600 (CST)

On Sat, 8 Jan 2000, Leonid Pauzner wrote:

> Thanks Tom, renaming USE_PSRC with USE_PRETTYSRC consistently seems a
> good idea (Oops, DOS makefiles were overlooked [patch attached], see
> also Borland makefile).
> As for HTMLSRC_*:blah-blah it was choosen the best name PRETTYSRC_SPEC::
> since it deals with -prettysrc and assume something "special":))
> could we interpret `spec' this way also?

What's the advantage in having two ways to explain "_SPEC"?
"SPEC" as abbreviation for "specification" seems more usual to me.

> Looking onto lynx.cfg options list ( is a nice tool for this),
> I think first three should also be grouped and renamed to another entry,
> PRETTYSRC:: as a more understandable data from user point of view -
> case conversion and work around a special case when links are numbered:

I like this.

The only "problem" with grouping options like this (making them
suboptions of another) is that parsing them in LYReadCFG.c needs
a function.  But two of the three above were already functions
anyway, rather than simple variables or strings.


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