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lynx-dev lynx2.8.3dev.18

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.3dev.18
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 100 22:24:58 -0500 (EST)

I'm still running behind (a number of offline distractions).  offhand (on
my list) the email configuration, restudy the tempfile naming, document better, and wait for more feedback on the Japanese patch from

-- if not for the tempfile naming, I'd suggest this would map into pre.1

2000-01-06 (2.8.3dev.18)
* correction to LYCookieSavefile so tilde expansion is done (reported by Larry
  Virden) -BJP
* now it's guaranteed that LY_SOFT_NEWLINE could be only 0th character in
  line->data (it could be preceded by LY_*_START_CHAR). Bug that caused
  empty lines to disappear when printing files was fixed -VH
* comments are now correctly converted to display charset in prettysrc mode -VH
* fix "Please see" array initialization in (reported by VH, LP) -TD
* small userdefs.h typo fixed -VH
* added lynx.cfg setting that controls justification - maximum value for
  ratio of 'spaces to spread'/'max width of a line' when justification can
  take place -VH
* change "PSRC" to "PRETTYSRC" in configuration (suggested by KW) -TD
* combine a dozen of HTMLSRC_ lynx.cfg settings into PSRCSPEC setting.  Old
  "HTMLSRC_foo:bar1:bar2" should be written as "PSRCSPEC:foo:bar1:bar2" -VH
* use assume_default_colors() extension from upcoming ncurses 5.1 and related
  support to provide more flexible coloring.  If the user's configuration files
  do not specify "default", the default-color support is suppressed, and the
  displayed colors default to white/black.  The original behavior matches
  SVr4 curses, which assumes the default colors of the screen but does not
  ensure that they match the assumption -TD
* modify LYsetXDisplay() to permit $DISPLAY to have an empty value, and reuse
  logic in forms-options from menu-options as validate_x_display() and
  summarize_x_display().  The forms-options will not display a warning since it
  exits too early, but at least one may now reset $DISPLAY to an empty string
  (reported by KW) -TD
* add note in INSTALLATION pointing to aclocal.m4 for details of regenerating
  configure script -TD
* add stub "po" gettext for Czech language, update other stubs -JS
* undo dev.16 change to print_wwwfile_to_fd() logic for LY_SOFT_NEWLINE which
  resulted in dropping blank lines from printed files -TD
* make off by one correction in HTDisplayPartial line counting (as discussed
  with LP) -KW
* one invalid memory free (only reached in some (rare?) error case), two
  memory leaks removed in LYLocal.c -KW
* date calculations for file times in FTP directory listings used cached values
  for the current day and year that never got reset.  This could cause wrong
  ordering when sorting by date, and possibly other errors, especially in
  long-running lynx sessions.  Now recalculate them for each new directory
  request if they are needed -KW
* be slightly more tolerant about FTP directory listing file times that appear
  to lie in the future:  allow today plus one day without assuming that it must
  mean a year ago, to account for possible timezone differences -KW
* add comment to reload_read_cfg() listing things that are/aren't done -LP
* minor lynx.cfg corections for better output -LP
* restore 'from_source_cache' PRIVATE to LYMainLoop.c, add comments -LP
* amend dev.16 feature for generating random temporary filenames to ensure that
  Lynx does not currently have the generated name open as a temporary file -TD

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