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Re: listelves Re: lynx-dev Lynx-dev archives on FLORA.

From: Russell McOrmond
Subject: Re: listelves Re: lynx-dev Lynx-dev archives on FLORA.
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 10:20:10 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 4 Jan 2000, Klaus Weide wrote:

> That's pretty bad; there are *many* such URLs around.  Not just
> search engine pages - those should shake themselves out in a few
> months... - but manual references by list members to other archived 
> messages, for example.  Please, do not break them without need.

  I don't think anyone can suggest that this was 'without need' ;-)

> You are using Apache - it should be easy (trivial) to let the old
> URLs continue to be valid, using Aliases, or using mod_rewrite or
> similar (the server already seems to use PHP, so I don't think you'll
> be concerned about overhead), or maybe using Redirections.

  I will put this onto my TODO, but it cannot be made a priority given the
other work I need to get done right away.

The plan:  Create a /lynx-dev/ specific error-document which will point to
/lynx-dev/index.phtml  - the beginning of this script can check to see if
the old location was in fact an old named directory and do a redirect.

  If anyone else has the time and PHP experience, let me know and I can
just add the Apache directives and let them write the quick PHP.

 Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant: <>
     Boycott AMAZON.COM, Unisys (BurnAllGifs), ETOYS.
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