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lynx-dev Difficulties with Lynx_kit

From: tver0509
Subject: lynx-dev Difficulties with Lynx_kit
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 10:33:00


I am helping some blind people with configuring their dos 
emailprogramme and/or web browser. There are two persons where lynx 
doesn't work, i.e. they can start it by typing dialer and if they 
then type 'lynx' (without the quotes, indeed) they get the following 
"Lynx: can't access to  startfile"
What could be the problem? If I tyry their configuration at my pc, 
even one of an Italian friend, it works perfectly. I asked the 
persons to readapt myisp.dat, pppdrc.cfg and chatscr.def, but the 
problem stays. 

Please, send answers privately.

Best regards, Tilly

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