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Fragments and mime-types (was: Re: lynx-dev Feature Request (not bug))

From: Daniel Dawson
Subject: Fragments and mime-types (was: Re: lynx-dev Feature Request (not bug))
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 23:43:57 -0800

> Whether the appended '#fragment' makes any difference depends on the
> MIME type and the client.  For types other than text/html, we just ignore

> mistake), so we cannot deduce from the presence of a '#fragment' with
> certainty that we are dealing with text/html.

True. Actually, a fragment makes sense for at least one other type of which I 
know: model/vrml. A
fragment is used with VRML to identify part of a VRML world in much the same 
way as with HTML. So,
you're absolutely right that the presence of a fragment does not imply 
text/html. And although
obviously, most Lynx users don't care about VRML, it would be a serious error 
for Lynx to change the
extension to/tack on an extension of ".html" for such a file. Just thought I 
would mention this.

Daniel Dawson
E-mail: address@hidden
ICQ: 48382034

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