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lynx-dev Created an odd bug.

From: Colin
Subject: lynx-dev Created an odd bug.
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 21:11:31 -0600

I got version: (Lynx Version 2.8.1pre.9) and I managed to create an odd bug.
Because it's been a while since I modified my .cfg, I'm not sure what I did.
And since I haven't used the download function since then, well,...

Anyway, when I 'D' a link to force a download, or hit a .ext which I haven't
implemented a mime yet, (I run under win98), it asks me (d)ownload or
(C)ancel, I select (D), it fetches the file, presents me with the menu
choice 'Save to disk', (the only selection) the 'command run' screen shows
up, saying:

Bad command or filename.

getfile: getting

function/lynx_w32/lynxdl/jrevusky   relatedName:
HTParse: result:Method=-1LYDownload: filename is
c:/function/lynx_w32/lynxdl/jrevusky.txtInfo message: S
command: cp 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\15429454.htm'
GridText: HText_pageDisplay at line 1 started
GridText: HText_pageDisplay finished

Never mind, copied cp to c:\windows\command and fixed the problem.... ;)

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