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Re: lynx-dev Options, V.Links, random

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Options, V.Links, random
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 11:53:52 -0600 (CST)

On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, Doug Kaufman wrote:
> Sorry that it looked complicated. When I see the expression, it tells
> me to do exactly what you did. Is there a simpler way of expressing
> it?

Well, I think
      0.9999 * 0.9998 * ... * 0.9981
looks simpler than
      9999! / (9980! * 10E76).

The second expression is of course equivalent to the first.  It's less
ambiguous (doesn't require the reader to fill in the `...').  It's
just that, when *I* see the second one, it doesn't immediately tell me
what to do.

No big deal...


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