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Re: lynx-dev dev17 - lynxcfg.html problems

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev dev17 - lynxcfg.html problems
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 22:14:55 +0300 (MSK)

>>  Also I suggest to add the 'usage' message to the script, and some comment
>> to the top of lynx.cfg about what those lines starting with '.' are.

> There's a comment at the top of (which is a little sketchy).
> I'll add a complement to that in lynx.cfg (explaining how to maintain
> the '.' lines properly, or a pointer to for more details).

Not a pointer: it should belong to lynx.cfg where the markup done.

Also, I found that string in single parenthesis like keymapping 'o' is
emphasized with <strong>, very nice but not explained in the comment
(unless you read the script or try the output).

I have a pending message, written before Vlad' original message
so you know about repetitions and I bring other items also:


- INCLUDE section was not covered by any generated html file,
a note on lynx.cfg comments syntax is also useful in body.html
so you can write your own small cfg file by only reading body.html
but not the original lynx.cfg

Problems detected in body.html:

- Try to search body.html for "html_proxy" - it is happen to found
several times with different (wrong) context:

1) Internal Behaviour -> CSO_PROXY (more or less,
         but let http_proxy will be the main entry in *_proxy group)
2) External Programs -> PRINTER
3) External Programs -> GLOBAL_EXTENTION_MAP
4) External Programs -> GLOBAL_MAILCAP

Also, *_proxy declaration names converted to uppercase,
not sure they will be accepted and properly exported into environments
by any reasonably old lynx version. (comment says: starting lynx 2.2 [...])

UPLOADER also have entries for 3) and 4) - something wrong with script
generating body.html (no repetitive entries in cattoc.html though).

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