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From: Kevin Collier
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 17:07:46 -0600

I apologize if this seems a particularly dumb question, but I am a real computer newbie and have no other place to go.  please ignore if this isn't the right place.  I have noticed after I run a DOS program called YMARK2000, my lynx program (which I really think is wonderful!) when clicked to full screen afterward looks much different. there has to be a simple explanation.  but when I click to full screen the font has decreased in size and the web page has much more information--meaning much more text is on the page.   anyway, when i reboot the font increases as they originally were and i have to do much more space-barring to get through a page. there must be some way to adjust the size of the page and font, but like I have said I am very wet behind the ears.  I would be very thankful for any explanation. I run version 2.8.2.  and my platform is win 98.  if you would like anymore info, please don't hesitate.

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