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find-leaks results (was Re: lynx-dev LYLeaks.c typo?)

From: Michael Warner
Subject: find-leaks results (was Re: lynx-dev LYLeaks.c typo?)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 08:28:40 -0800

On or about 10 Dec, 1999, Klaus Weide
<address@hidden> wrote:


> So you are compiling with --enable-find-leaks?  I haven't done
> it in a while.  Let us know about what you find.

The version I've been using until now was dev.13, and it lost
nary a byte.  The little bit I've used dev.16 has been clean,

One thing I've wondered - how hard would it be to teach lynx to
leave it's Lynx.leaks in a specified directory, say $HOME,
instead of the directory lynx was started in?  It's a little bit
like having an un-housetrained pet around.  Not that it's a
problem to clean up after, but I forget to keep an eye on the
results, until I happen to see them lying around.

Michael Warner

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