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lynx-dev Lynx and -term=ansi

From: Adonis Vargas
Subject: lynx-dev Lynx and -term=ansi
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 15:03:15 -0500 (EST)

im running Lynx from a shell being supplied by, when i run
lynx with the option -term=ansi so it can run lynxin my ansi emulation,
but it doesnt seem to work, if i change to vt100 though it works just
fine, any ideain what i can do to make it run on my ansi emulation? it has
run before on other boxes i have telnetted to under ansi mode, this just
sems to be the first to not work, i dont think its a software error, more
config error on the server side, but wondering if there was a better way
to overridethe servers term emulation


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