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Re: lynx-dev dev.16 patch 3 - SOURCE_CACHE etc.

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev dev.16 patch 3 - SOURCE_CACHE etc.
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 20:28:50 +0300 (MSK)

9-Dec-99 06:30 Klaus Weide wrote:

> * Source cache files and chunks were not always being removed when they
>   should, probably since change of 1999-06-18.  A large number of cache
>   copies could be kept around unnecessarily wasting disk or memory space.
>   Now make sure that the source cache copy gets removed when a document
>   is removed from the cache of rendered docs.  They would never be reused
>   anyway.  New function HTAnchor_clearSourceCache.  Note to other developers:
>   HTAnchor_delete() doesn't always remove the HTParentAnchor object, see its
>   implementation.

Speaking of SOURCE_CACHE, I think it would be nice to allow different
number of documents for source cache against HText cache. HText keeps
around 4 (?) times more space allocated compared to the source size, it
would be a reasonable savings to reparse source cache under the cost of
some extra CPU load and (possible) lost of changed form data. Also,
source cache can be utilized when 'd'ownloading html files if they match
cache. [different expiration model for anchor->FileCache and
anchor->source_cache* but at least we could duplicate data without extra
net load].

> +#ifdef SOURCE_CACHE
> +     /* Remove source cache files and chunks always, even if the
> +      * HTAnchor_delete call does not actually remove the anchor.
> +      * Keeping them would just be a waste of space - they won't
> +      * be used any more after the anchor has been disassociated
> +      * from a HText structure. - kw
> +      */
> +     HTAnchor_clearSourceCache(self->node_anchor);
> +#endif
>       if (HTAnchor_delete(self->node_anchor))
>           /*
>            *  Make sure HTMainAnchor won't point

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