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Re: lynx-dev a small, poor, 4Mb laptop in the suburbs of Dakar, Senegal

From: Mark Sutton
Subject: Re: lynx-dev a small, poor, 4Mb laptop in the suburbs of Dakar, Senegal (fwd)
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 11:30:47 -0800 (PST)
User-agent: tin/pre-1.4-19990805 ("Preacher Man") (UNIX) (SunOS/5.6 (sun4c))

Hello Gisulfo,
        I am not familiar with SCO, but I have run Lynx with Debian Linux
on a 80386SX33 with 4meg untill I made myself stop that sort of foolishness.
But of course if you have no choice it is only a problem to be overcome, rather
than a waste of time.
        The system ran fine most of the time, the only problem arose when
asking Lynx to do something at the same as some system level process was
running. This would lead a lot of swaping. So the memory requirements were
just being met.
        I should add however, I was running the stock kernel which includes
many unnecessary drivers. I could not bring myself to compile a kernel on that 
machine. I believe the image size was aprox. 1.4meg, I know that this can be
reduced to less than 800k, possibly less. The Lynx I was running at that time
also had many features enabled at configure time that you may find unnecessary
for your purpose. Things like --disable-gopher --disable-finger --disable-news
and possibly more can reduce the size of the Lynx executable.
        These two things should move you from a marginal situation to a stable
one. If not you may have to modify init to give you only the services you must
have. ie. like single user mode with but with a TCP stack. I am not sure of the
complexity of this, but hopefully it is not necessary.

Good luck, and let me know if I can be more help  - Cheers, Mark
      Mark Sutton                       Dominion Marine Research
                                              566 lazo rd.
    <address@hidden>                       Lazo B.C. V9M 3V1

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