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Re: lynx-dev Re: 283dev15 for Win32

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Re: 283dev15 for Win32
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 18:24:50 +0900 (JST)

> Do you know whether he is reading the list?

Time permitting, he seems to, but perhaps only for a while after
submitting something.  He may be grepping through the flora archives.

> But that is a very old problem; I kinda though it was more or less solved
> a long time ago, with Takuya ASADA's changes.  It's a problem of
> interpreting received data; the solution (more or less successful
> guessing, If I understand right) shouldn't depend on whether Lynx is
> running on Windows or something else.  Yet it seems a lot of the more
> recently added code for Japanese is Windows-specific.  It seems I don't

I think it comes from Hiroyuki Senshu being the only one *actively* going
at the code, and his major interest being in the Windows port.

But, yes, it is a very old problem.  Never really solved, but made much
better by Takuya ASADA's efforts.

> The existence of those 1-byte codes is something I totally neglected
> in my recent changes (for WHEREIS search highlighting glitches, I think
> you know what I mean).  That means that the code should be correct for
> EUC-JP, but still not for Shift-JIS.  (Since WHEREIS operates on the

Serves Shift-JIS right!  There should be a law against it's use in public
places.  It's a dirtier habit than smoking.

> Those functions in LYStrings.c that take 'HTCJK' into account just 
> assume that
>          if (HTCJK != NOCJK)
>          then every non-ASCII char is the start of a 2-byte character.
> Somebody should have told me earlier that that's wrong...

The only thing that's really wrong is Shift-JIS itself.  Isn't it sort
of like bad habits in writing HTML?  Lynx can only go so far in working
around some things.  Now we need CJKSoup?  No thanks.  If I were you,
I'd just let the programmers here work on it.  When one or the other of
you break something for the other, then fix it; no hard feelings.


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