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Re: lynx-dev LYNX: time for dkcombs to do some lynx work!

From: T.E.Dickey
Subject: Re: lynx-dev LYNX: time for dkcombs to do some lynx work!
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 19:32:00 -0500 (EST)

> (2) Of course I'll wait until the current batches of  
> modifications have been done, and the file has quieted down.'s pretty stable.
> --- 
> (3) What's the thing written in?  Tex, I suppose?  Or maybe Texinfo? 
> Nroff?  (I hope not!) 

nroff (manpages use macros in nroff - very ugly unless you just stick to
the defined macros ;-)

> (4) What's the approved way of making changes, and getting them 
> "approved" by the list-readers? 

send a "diff -u -R" of the affected files to the list...
> (5) Also, maybe someone can send me the usual gnu-diff  
> command-string that this group generally uses for such purposes. 
> --- 
> (6) Also, is there some way to create for the source-version  
> a macro or command eg of the type I create for myself 
> when I write stuff in "Scribe" (originally someone's Phd 
> thesis at CMU back in the late 70's, and (updated) widely 
> used by a loyal bunch of .edu-sites (cs depts), 
> whereby I can insert into the text eg: 
> Now is the time for all good men @fixme[Don't we want 
> to say "people", instead of just "men"?] to come to 
> the aid of their country ... 

nroff comments look like
.\" comment

> David 

Thomas E. Dickey

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