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Re: lynx-dev Lynx 2.8rel.2 (1998); printing to email with X-URL: page in

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Lynx 2.8rel.2 (1998); printing to email with X-URL: page info
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 18:24:49 -0600 (CST)

On Sat, 4 Dec 1999, R W Jones wrote:
> I had access to an old (4*) version of Lynx ona UK BBS until a few months
> ago when it was closed.  I now have a dialup BSD dial up shell account
> which runs Lynx 2.8rel.2, and I have been trying to get it to print by
> mailing to self in the usual way which includes the X-URL:[url of the
> page saved], but have not made much pgress despite lengthy searches on the
> web and asking the sysop.  I have found the following pointers but haven't
> discovered what changes to lynx.cfg or own lynx.cfg in user home directory
> gets me to where I want:

Are you sure that lynx is using the right lynx.cfg?
If not, set LYNX_CFG environment variable or start with `lynx -cfg=...'.

> "With Lynx, if you browse some Web-page and then
> choose "Print" you are then to choose one of the options:
> 1. Save the file to your current directory
> 2. send the file to the print spool
> 3. mail the file (default e-mail address is yours).
> If you choose the third option, then the "X-URL:" is added.
> In this case "X-URL:" is equivalent to "Content-Location:". "

What are you quoting from?  I do not recognize this text...

> In my case, selecting #3 does not include the X-URL now, with old Lynx t
> did.  SO I looked further:
> " the DOWNLOAD command is used, the only change will be that Lynx
>    optionally puts
>      <!--X-URL: -->
>      <BASE href="";>
>    at the start of the file so that relative URLs in the document will
>    still work. Even this modification can be prevented by setting
>    PREPEND_BASE_TO_SOURCE:FALSE in lynx.cfg.  "
> (See e.g.
> )
> I changed the line quoted to TRUE but it still does not work.

... and removed the '#'?
The default should already be TRUE, afaik.

> Woudl be grateful for any pointers on how to get the mailed save to
> include the X-URL info.  rgds

It seems to work for me, with recent development code.  I don't know
whether there was something wrong in this respect with version 2.8
(don't have a 2.8 to test).

I still don't understand what exactly you mean, though.

Do you mean the
   <!--X-URL: ... -->
line in the text itself (in the message body if mailing), or do you
mean (also?) the
send as a mail header when mailing?

With "it still does not work", do you mean the
   <!--X-URL: ... -->
does not get inserted even if you use 'D'ownload (not 'P'rint then
"Mail the file")?

Do you realize that
   <!--X-URL: ... -->
is only supposed to be inserted when mailing the *source*, i.e. when
using 'P'rint after a '\' command?  (X-URL: should still be generated,
but only as a *mail header*, when sending non-source as mail.)


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