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Re: lynx-dev dev.16 patch 1b (partial mode for TRST table)

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev dev.16 patch 1b (partial mode for TRST table)
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 06:55:07 +0300 (MSK)

5-Dec-99 15:46 Klaus Weide wrote:
> On Sun, 5 Dec 1999, Leonid Pauzner wrote:

>> 5-Dec-99 06:14 Klaus Weide wrote:
>> > That doesn't prevent all redisplaying.  In particular I was thinking
>> > of the TRST 'flicker'.  Also at least the title line always gets
>> The fix:
>>  * refresh screen for TRST changes in partial display mode as early as
>>    possible, it was previously a problem when the table finished below
>>    the screen bottom.

> It seems I don't even understand the problem you are trying to fix...

I mean the following picture:

        xxxxx screen top line
        TRST table starts here

        xxxxx screen bottom line

        TRST table ends around here.

My understanding was the table will not be refreshed in partial mode
until the last moment in mainloop (unless we will scroll before, which
is not a general case). So I add a hack to refresh the screen when TRST
table ends to see the result earlier.

Perhaps you mean first to disable partial mode just when the table
starts - this is another topic.

>> Changes happen to be in GridText.c HText_endStblTtable(),
>> I chose a hacking with `NumOfLines_partial' instead of duplicating
>> a changed version of HTDisplayPartial() inlined. Do you agree, Klaus?

> (I'm afraid I still don't understand the true meaning of
> NumOfLines_partial.  This is not my best day, obviously.)

>> diff -u old/gridtext.c ./gridtext.c
>> --- old/gridtext.c      Wed Dec  1 09:28:20 1999
>> +++ ./gridtext.c        Sun Dec  5 20:04:54 1999
>> @@ -4671,6 +4671,12 @@
>>      if (ncols > 0) {
>>         lines_changed = HText_insertBlanksInStblLines(me, ncols);
>>         CTRACE((tfp, "endStblTABLE: changed %d lines, done.\n", 
>> lines_changed));
>> +#ifdef DISP_PARTIAL
>> +       /* allow HTDisplayPartial() to redisplay the changed lines.
>> +        * There is no harm if we got several stbl in the document, hope so.
>> +        */
>> +       NumOfLines_partial -= ncols;  /* fake */
>> +#endif  /* DISP_PARTIAL */

Uh, that should be 'lines_changed' instead of 'ncols', sorry.

> ... and understand your solution even less.  What does the number of
> *columns* have to do with it?  Maybe you meant lines_changed instead -
> but that would also in general be wrong.

> It seems you want more 'flicker', not less.  Making NumOfLines_partial
> smaller can only have the effect of drawing lines again that have already
> been drawn, as far as I understand.

> Myabe it's a worthwhile goal, but it isn't "the fix" to what I was trying
> to do, i.e. prevent unnecessary duplicate calls to display_page() for the
> same lines.

>    Klaus

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