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Re: lynx-dev dev.16 patch 3 - HTMIME.c, HTTP.c redirection

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev dev.16 patch 3 - HTMIME.c, HTTP.c redirection
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 06:14:46 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 5 Dec 1999, Leonid Pauzner wrote:

> 4-Dec-99 09:10 Klaus Weide wrote:
> > * Save size for regular files in anchor structure (we did the stat() 
> > anyway),
> >   it shows up on INFO page as Content-Length.  Also use it in partial 
> > display
> >   mode to prevent the last call to HTDisplayPartial from HTFileCopy, since a
> >   call to HText_pageDisplay will follow immediately.  (But note that nothing
> >   important depends on the correct size; should it be wrong, we lose at most
> >   one partial display screen update.  An equivalent suppression of the last
> >   partial update for network protocols is not recommended, since (a) the 
> > size
> >   is more unreliable and (b) the socket FIN may get delayed by the network.)
> > Index: 2.30/WWW/Library/Implementation/HTFormat.c
> > --- 2.30/WWW/Library/Implementation/HTFormat.c Sat, 04 Dec 1999 00:06:06 
> > -0600
> > +++ 2.30(w)/WWW/Library/Implementation/HTFormat.c Sat, 04 Dec 1999 01:59:43 
> > -0600
> > @@ -795,7 +807,9 @@
> >       (*targetClass.put_block)(sink, input_buffer, status);
> >       bytes += status;
> >       HTReadProgress(bytes, 0);
> > -     HTDisplayPartial();
> > +     if (NumOfLines_partial >= 0 && HTMainText && HTMainAnchor &&
> > +         bytes != HTMainAnchor->content_length)
> > +         HTDisplayPartial();
> >       if (HTCheckForInterrupt()) {
> >           _HTProgress (TRANSFER_INTERRUPTED);
> That looks excessive, at least very strange as of dev16 changes
> which enable partial mode right in HText_new() so first three
> conditions are not required and the forth looks rather potetical.

YM poetical? :)

I admit I haven't kept up with all the recent patches for partial mode.
Well I briefly scanned tha patches, they looked like very worthwhile
improvements, but I haven't tried to really understand them.  I'll wait
for dev.17 for that, I think.

The tests may be excessive or even wrong, but were the best I could
think of without changing HTFileCopy to take an anchor as an additional
parameter (maybe that should be done instead).  Relying on the global
HTMainText/HTMainAnchor isn't nice, but seemed no worse than what the rest
of display_partial code is doing - i.e. the assumption that HTMainText
describes the right document (the one we are *currently* loading for).
Actually, the tests in the if() are there to make sure HTMainAnchor
is valid (not NULL), just to be on the safe side.  Testing for both
becasue I wasn't sure HTMainAnchor always gets reset when HTMainText
gets reset.  It may all be overkill.

> Also, display_page() were hacked by you to redisplay only those lines
> which were not displayed in partial mode yet so the next repaint from
> mainloop will not make any harm.

That doesn't prevent all redisplaying.  In particular I was thinking
of the TRST 'flicker'.  Also at least the title line always gets
rewritten.  Also some links get repainted anyway (form fields only?),
in UTF-8 and/or CJK mode things may get repainted anyway, maybe there
are some other conditions.  I didn't check all the details for this...
Avoiding unnecessary screen repainting is A Good Thing if Lynx is run
remotely, although you won't notice the difference if Lynx is running
on a local machine.

Also, it isn't very logical to do a "partial" screen update when we
we already *know* with reasonable certainty that the file is complete.

So I would like to keep the suppression of the unnecessary screen
update, but invite you to suggest a better test..

> Instead, that may be a good idea to add a true content_length to
> HTReadProgress() call which may be useful for large files.

HTReadProgress() is simply counting wrong (that isn't new).  The
functions in HTFormat.c don't know anything about the boundary between
HTTP header and body.  But content_length (for HTTP) counts only body
bytes.  Proper counting for HTTP resources would have to zero the
counter at that boundary, the only good place to do that would be in
HTMIME.c.  But you may still want to take the initial packet(s) into
account for the bytes/sec, and then it gets more complicated.

> Of cause, that should not be HTMainAnchor reference but
> a reference to anchor from some other place.

Yes, it cannot be a reference to HTMainAnchor for HTReadProgress().
After all we may be 'd'ownloading, and it may not even be HTML but
something passed to an external VIEWER.


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