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Re: lynx-dev dev.15 patch 7 - doc updates for recent changes

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev dev.15 patch 7 - doc updates for recent changes
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 16:55:13 -0500 (EST)

991203 Klaus Weide & Philip Webb agreed on most items:
>> Index: 2.25/lynx_help/Lynx_users_guide.html
>> +    If <A NAME="tna">"Textfields Need Activation"</A> mode is turned on,
PW> *** where/how? *** ->                                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^

no comment from KW: i don't know presently where to turn it on,
so it's even less likely JU will ...
>> +    NB when NOT in the Line Editor, <em>^V</em> is by default bound
>> +    to the command
>> +    to switch between SortaSGML and TagSoup HTML parsing
>> +    (i.e., SWITCH_DTD).
PW> *** for future maintenance, don't break the previous 3 lines ***
KW> maintenance can be easier (smaller diffs) if lines are not always filled

one of those tiny points which can multiply into a plague:
the size of diffs is irrelevant, since the computer handles all that,
but the number & sensible breaking of lines is always relevant
-- look at how people format C code -- ,
so that limited human faculties can grasp the shape easily.
>> +    would map SWITCH_DTD away from <em>^V</em> to <em>#</em>, while leaving
>> +    its default Line Editor function as a command escape in place.  On the
>> +    other hand,<pre></pre>
PW>                     ^^^^^^
>> +    &nbsp;&nbsp;KEYMAP:^V::NOP:1<br>
PW>                                 ^^^^we're in pre
>> +    &nbsp;&nbsp;KEYMAP:^_::LKCMD:1<pre></pre>
PW>                                   ^^^^^
KW> No we aren't (but yes, this will be changed / has already been changed)

ok, you discuss that in your reply to LP:
i can't understand why you don't use <P>
-- correct HTML for inserting a blank line --
or <BR> -- correct HTML for forcing a line break -- ;
<PRE> ... </PRE> is correct HTML for forcing your own format.

HTML is supposed to be simple'n'easy to use,
even if authors & software devices nowadays distort it badly sometimes:
it's not a programming language like C.
no, this is not inconsistent with my previous comment.
>> +    would move <em>^V</em>'s Line Editor binding as command escape to
>> -<PRE>          <strong>(Textarea) Enter text. </strong>[...] <strong>(^Xe 
>> for editor).</strong></PRE>
>> +<PRE>          <strong
>> +    >(Textarea) Enter text. </strong>[ ..... ]<strong> (^Xe for 
>> editor).</strong></PRE>
PW> *** what is the purpose of this change? ***
KW> It "looked better".  Feel free to change it back...

again, you're treating HTML like C, which it isn't:
in look'n'feel'n'name, it's a mark-up language.
>> +As you discover what they are, and are tempted to use them externally in
>> +documents, you should <em>resist</em> that temptation:
>> +<UL><LI>There already is too much browser-specific markup around...
PW> *** drop this line? it's really rather silly ***
KW> Is
>     "Lynx users often suffer from browser-specific markup that works only
>     in the author's favorite browser.  We shouldn't make the same mistake
>     ourselces."
> better?  Anyway, if it annoys you enough submit a patch to remove it.

the whole section was originally a bit of over-kill by FM:
i'ld rather simply tell users such URLs exist
& leave it to them if/how they choose to use them.

anyway, we've probably both spent enough time on docs for now.

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