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Re: lynx-dev slashdot page

From: Marco De la Cruz
Subject: Re: lynx-dev slashdot page
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 01:15:46 -0500

> But for now it looks to me that neither links nor w3m is up to the
> task..  one of them, I forget which, doesn't even do cookies.
> Neither do SSL.  One does frames the same goofy (no offense) way
> Lynx does.  In some cases, both look MUCH better than Lynx.  Oh
> yeah, neither of the others even has bookmark file support, as far
> as my admittedly limited looking around could find.  (There's no
> documentation for links, so it's hard to say definitively).

Actually w3m does support cookies, SSL, and bookmarks. It's
quite a nifty program, and development seems swift...

> So I use Lynx most of the time, and play with the others.  It's nice to
> have some competition though.

I keep hearing about "competition", but to me Lynx
and w3m complement each other very nicely. If a page
doesn't look good in Lynx I'll simply go back and
press "." to call w3m. I'll either keep using w3m
(which has a pretty good Lynx keyboard emulation),
or simply quit back into Lynx. People who have
decided to choose one or the other are clearly
limiting their options and/or don't fully
understand the capabilities of these browsers.


Gunnm: Broken Angel

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