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lynx-dev compiling lynx for the following?

From: karen lewellen
Subject: lynx-dev compiling lynx for the following?
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 19:14:59 +0500

hi folks.
while i have read information on compiling lynx to use secured sites, still
i would welcome a resend on where the info on this may be found, i have not
seen any reference to compiling lynx to do either of the following.  send
comments, and work in live chat.  as to the former, i refer to those options
one may be given to send a comment or contact a service, with the e-mail
given as a link.  I know that lynx can, or could do this, since the version
of lynx maintained at does allow for sending such comments.  as
to the latter, chat, question, can lynx be used in a chat environment, and
is anything extra needed to do this?
thanks much,

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Karen lewellen, address@hidden

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