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lynx-dev CHANGES summary (was: dev.15 patch 2)

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: lynx-dev CHANGES summary (was: dev.15 patch 2)
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 20:18:38 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, David Combs wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 25, 1999 at 10:48:40AM -0600, Klaus Weide wrote:
> > 
> > * Correction in code executed after [...]
> > * Some tweaks of Novice mode help lines: [...]
> > * Extended KEYMAP option: additional field [...]
> > * Corrected KEYMAP display [...]
> <snip>
> In lists like the above, it would be nice for USERS if the items
> NEEDED BY USERS, ie relating to new keybindgs, new features, etc,
> be marked DIFFERENTLY, maybe by TWO asterisks.
> Or, maybe the NUMBER of asterisks implies the IMPORTANCE (for the
> lynx user).
> That way, one (a user) can filter these lists, to cut down
> what to read to the usually few things he/she NEEDS to know.
> Any comments?  Any OTHER ways to mark these items?
> (I'm trying to come up with something REALLY SIMPLE for the
> implementor to do -- he/she's done enough work just to have
> done the coding!)

(... *and* the summing up.)

I don't want to spend more time on meta-questions like "for which
group of readers is *this* note useful"?  "Should I split *this*
note, because one setence is for one kind of recipient while the
other has details that most users don't need?"

If there were a number-of-*s scheme in place I'd have to follow
it.  Since there isn't, I'm not going to invent one...

There are multiple possible definitions of "importance for users".
Which items are "NEEDED BY USERS" depends on the USER and his/her
NEEDS.  One user might want to know about every new option in lynx.cfg
or for the command line, another about any change in lynx.cfg, another
about other user-visible changes.

Someone can step forward and condense the CHANGES items into an edited
and digested form.  Multiple someones can do that, each with a different
"rating system", if there's a need for it...

(Much-)condensed summaries have been given in the past at "release"
time.  I think a similar list was posted recently.  But IMO, if you
track the development code, then (even as a "regular user") you should
read the change summary and learn to skip the entries that you don't

[*] If that's for lack of background / knowledge of internals.
    If it's for confusing sentence structure, spelling errors,
    then ask or complain.  If there is a change important to you
    that isn't adequately described, you can ask or complain (but
    maybe check help files, INSTALLATION text, lynx.cfg comments first).


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