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lynx-dev (patch) lynx.cfg

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev (patch) lynx.cfg
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 12:28:55 -0500 (EST)

when the section of  lynx.cfg  for print/downloaders was reorganised,
the succeeding section re uploaders got overlooked.
the following patch tidies things up.

--- old/lynx.cfg        Wed Nov  3 19:41:40 1999
+++ new/lynx.cfg        Fri Nov 26 12:17:31 1999
@@ -1208,10 +1208,12 @@
 # for the .mil domain as well as the .il domain.  If the entry is '.il' this
 # will not happen.
 # Lynx has 4 pre-defined print options & 1 pre-defined download option,
 # which are called up on-screen when `p' or `d' are entered;
 # any number of options can be added by the user, as explained below.
+# Uploaders can be defined only for UNIX with DIRED_SUPPORT:
+# cp the Makefile in the top directory & the header of  src/LYUpload.c .
 # For `p' pre-defined options are: `Save to local file', `E-mail the file',
 # `Print to screen' and `Print to local printer attached to vt100'.
@@ -1252,7 +1254,7 @@
 # `Printer' can be any file-handling program you find useful,
 # even if it does not physically print anything.
-# Usually, downloading involves the use of (e.g.) Ckermit or ZModem
+# Usually, down/up-loading involves the use of (e.g.) Ckermit or ZModem
 # to transfer files to a user's local machine over a serial link,
 # but download options do not have to be download-protocol programs.
@@ -1285,38 +1287,15 @@
 # by using a script to make a subdirectory in /tmp,
 # but may conflict with very strong security or permissions restrictions:
 #DOWNLOADER:Use Zmodem to download to the local terminal:set %s 
%s;td=/tmp/Lsz$$;mkdir $td;ln -s $1 $td/"$2";sz $td/"$2";rm -r $td:TRUE
+# Uploader examples:
+#UPLOADER:Use Kermit to upload from your computer: kermit -i -r -a %s:TRUE
+#UPLOADER:Use Zmodem to upload from your computer: rz %s:TRUE
 # Note for OS/390: The following is strongly recommended  /* S/390 -- gil -- 
1464 */
 # to undo ASCII->EBCDIC conversion.
 #DOWNLOADER:Save OS/390 binary file: iconv -f IBM-1047 -t ISO8859-1 %s 
-# Unix ONLY:
-# Uploader definitions (implemented only with Unix DIRED_SUPPORT;
-#                       see the Makefile in the top directory,
-#                      and the header of ./src/LYUpload.c)
-# any number of uploaders may be defined by using multiple
-# uploader definition sets.  Uploaders may be any programs
-# that could be useful to your users; they do not necessarily
-# have to be upload protocol programs.  The most common use
-# of an uploader is to use Ckermit or some other transfer
-# program so that the user may easily transfer files from
-# their local machine over a serial link.
-# the definition of an uploader is of the same form as a downloader
-# UPLOADER:<uploadername>:<uploader command>:<uploader option>
-#  You must put the whole definition on one line.
-#  If you must use a colon, precede it with a backslash!
-#  If you do not include a %s, you will not be prompted for an
-#  output filename.
-#    example
-#UPLOADER:Use Kermit to upload from your computer: kermit -i -r -a %s:TRUE
-#UPLOADER:Use Zmodem to upload from your computer: rz %s:TRUE
 # If NO_DOT_FILES is TRUE (normal default via userdefs.h), the user will not
 # be allowed to specify files beginning with a dot in reply to output filename

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