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Re: lynx-dev (patch) INSTALLATION

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev (patch) INSTALLATION
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 14:10:07 +0900 (JST)

> -

For consistency, you might want to keep this blank line.

> -Step 1. (define compile-time variables  -- See the userdefs.h file.)
Why remove this?

> -  that must be changed are marked as such in the userdefs.h file.  Just edit
> -  this file, and the changes should be straight forward.  If you compile
> -  using autoconfigure, you can set most defines with option switches and do
> -  not absolutely have to edit userdefs.h.  Many of the variables are now

I think the general concensus was that people should be encouraged to look at
userdefs.h whether or not they use autoconf.

> +  If you are using configure (e.g. with UNIX or Cygwin), you don't strictly
> +  need to make any changes in  userdefs.h , but it is wise to check there
                                ^ ^^^^^^^^^^
INSTALLATION is a straight text file, so you do not want to introduce
extraneous spaces.  Maybe quotes rather than extraneous spaces?

By moving the first reference to "userdefs.h" down to the second paragraph,
you considerably lower the order of priority of editing userdefs.h as _the_
way to make definitions for a compile.

> +  to make sure e.g. that the location of  lynx.cfg  is correctly defined.

Quoting from lower down in INSTALLATION:
    setting --libdir tells it (while at the same time defining LYNX_CFG_FILE)

> +  There are a few variables you can't define with configure --switches
Within normal text, I would not recommend "--".  The word used throughout
INSTALLATION has been "options".  If you wish to change to "switches", it
should be done consistently.

> +  but can define in  userdefs.h , e.g. numbering fields as well as links.

True, you cannot use configure options for some things, but the "configure
way" to do some of these is to preset environment variables before running
the script.

> +  downloaders, assumed character set, key mapping and colors in  lynx.cfg .
Especially in such cases I find extraneous spaces distracting.

> +  "ISO Latin 1" Western European character set.
> +
> +  If you will be running Lynx in an environment with different incompatible
                                                                 ^"," or "and"

> +  and other such items: read "lynx.cfg" for detailed instructions.
> +  in the src/chrtrans directory: see the README.* files therein.
New sentence.  Use ";" or a full stop, ".".

> +Step 5.  Anonymous accounts *** VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! ***
> +
> +  If you are building Lynx for personal use only, you should skip this.
I think "may" is still the best advice.

> +  i.e. making Web access publicly available to unknown users
> +  who should not be allowed any other type of access to your system,


> +  you are STRONGLY advised to use the -anonymous command-line option:
";" or "."


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