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Re: lynx-dev yahoo cookies not working the same in 2.8.3.dev15

From: Klaus Weide
Subject: Re: lynx-dev yahoo cookies not working the same in 2.8.3.dev15
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 06:53:46 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Larry W. Virden wrote:

> From: Klaus Weide <address@hidden>
> >Actually, you should be able to find the first divergence of behavior
> >without wading through trace logs.  Start two lynx sesssions in parallel
> >(presumably using screen, or maybe switching with ^Z/fg), one of each
> >version.  Use -noredir.  [Well, first you should probably verify that
> I did this, using my old and new lynx and  Old lynx -noredir 
> takes me right to my personalized onelist page; new lynx -noredir takes
> me right to the generic login page.  No redirections apparently are involved.

Ok, it was worth an attempt.

> >step, i.e. after each redirection response, check the Cookie Jar pages
> >before proceeding.  When does the first difference show up?
> Using the same cookie file, the new lynx is missing almost all of the
> cookie info that the old one had.
> Old Cookie jar page:
>           [161] (Cookies allowed via prompt.)
>           [162]session=3XK45zHZYv_YEF-haO8nzkQoks6C_Vfat04dQpRlOtVcP84LtD
>           8wSxoaHO57docFc2ylvg
>           Path=/
>           Port: 80 Secure: NO Discard: NO
>           Maximum Gobble Date: Thu Nov 23 18:59:59 2000
> New Cookie jar page:
>  no cookie info at all for the site.
> Note that the other cookies listed are dramatically different as well:
> Here's all that the new page says:
>                                                                     Cookie Jar
>                    Lynx (2.8.3dev.15), help on [1]Cookie Jar 
>      NOTE: Activate links to gobble up cookies or entire domains, or to
>      change a domain's 'allow' setting.
>           [2] (Cookies always allowed.)
>           [3] (Cookies always allowed.)
>           [4] (Cookies always allowed.)   
>           [5] (Cookies always allowed.)
>           [6] (Cookies always allowed.)
>           [7] (Cookies allowed via prompt.)
> Meanwhile , the old cookie page lists all the cookie info.
> Did something significant happen in what gets output to the Jar page?

Not intentionally as far a I know.

Do you have *any* indication that any of the information in your
cooke file gets read?

Do you have any indication that lynx is trying to read your cookie file?

Have you *told* lynx to read your cookie file?  And, just to make sure,
what its name is?

Note that the above list of domains (empty of cookies) may result from
COOKIE_ACCEPT_... and similar lists in lynx.cfg, it does not mean that
a cookie file has been read.


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