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Re: lynx-dev t2thtml & t2tgrnest

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev t2thtml & t2tgrnest
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 17:22:54 -0500 (EST)

991123 Klaus Weide wrote: 
> I would like to know about instances where TZ's latest t2tgrnest gives
> a better result than the t2thtml I have currently under
> <>
> (so that we can potentially improve the t2thtml).
well, the obvious difference is that the former gives tables in text,
the latter only as HTML, which has to be further (badly) processed by Lynx.
as i said in another message, if you want HTML for any reason,
use t2tgrnest, then enclose the result in <pre> ... </pre> .

i simply can't understand (big smiles etc)
why you don't use your apparently available time & considerable skills
to convert the logic of t2tgrnest into C code for inclusion in Lynx,
subject to whatever interface seems best with Lynx's existing code;
i've suggested a possible approach resembling frames on the outside.
don't forget, TZ' programs work only for UNIX users.

you also commented on the OCAA tables elsewhere:
they are the best example offered so far of real-life tables,
contained in a professional economic report which was originally hard-copy.
by all means point me to equally real-life alternatives,
so that i can test TZ' impressive creation some more
(no, not football results or film-fan contest entries).

and yes it was you who reminded us all re TZ' work ...
(big smile superimposed on look of puzzled exasperation).

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