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Re: lynx-dev how to deal with these "auto-go" forms

From: Jeremy Hall
Subject: Re: lynx-dev how to deal with these "auto-go" forms
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 11:18:44 -0500 (EST)

Keep going.  After you get your first view of listings, try to click on
the drop down.  Look for the text that was previously mentioned, Select
and Go.


Philip Webb said:
> 991122 John Hall wrote: 
> > I am trying to deal with the dish network page found at
> >
> > Look at the bottom of the page and click on go to listings
> > Now look for the string  -- Select and Go --
> > You will find you can easily select something, but not so easily go.
> i had no problem using 2-8-3dev.14 : i used [7], then registered,
> which gave me a listing for a random US zip code.
> > Short of reading the source and manually "going" to the location,
> > how does one combat these forms?
> you must always be prepared to read the source.
> i see no sign of Javascript in the document above.
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