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Re: lynx-dev more TRST support

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev more TRST support
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 08:26:38 -0500 (EST)

991123 Leonid Pauzner wrote: 
> In general, "simple table" is one that fit into the screen width.
> Looking the real tables I found out there are many cases
> when the first (header) row is too wide while the others rows more compact.
> Is it possible (and useful) to render such tables in a mixed mode,
> e.g. one (or two) worse rows rendered in LTMS mode
> while the rest rows rendered in TRST mode (ignoring the)?
KW/PW discussed this last week re the OCAA tables.
TZ' t2tgrnest handles this problem very well:
if you're interested in the table issue, you should get & test it.
it should not be difficult to recast its logic into C for Lynx,
assuming separate data structures etc (not part of the 1-pass stuff).

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