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Re: lynx-dev JUSTIFY is ugly

From: Vlad Harchev
Subject: Re: lynx-dev JUSTIFY is ugly
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 15:38:55 +0400

>991119 Klaus Weide showed some uglily justified text (snipped):
>> So far I'm not convinced this is in any way a useful feature.
>as a daily reader/downloader/tidier-up of newspaper stories
>-- my principal use of Lynx -- , i find justified text a menace
>& would never consider compiling it into my version;
>it happens in man files, where it's a nuisance.
>it's like magazines which centre their stories (New Scientist)
>or right(!)-justify them (Aviation Week).
>maybe i should do another awk program ...

  Sorry for replying too late. Of course introducing some lynx.cfg setting like
 JUSTIFY_SPARE_RATIO or so that tells the maximum spare/chars ratio (or some 
 other relation) when justification will take place will solve the problem (
 so those 2 ugly lines will look as ugly as without justification).
 It's just another 4 lines of code to add. 
 Problems like this can be solved with the use of hyphenation. And of course
 another parameter that controls "hyphenation tolerance" could be introduced - 
 that will specify minimal number of characters (excluding hyphen) that will
 be on either of the lines (setting it to high value will allow hyphenation
 in the places it's really needed, like hyphenating the word 

PS: there is at least one lynx-dev subscriber who enjoys justification (he 
told me so). I enjoy justification+hyphenation too. I don't encounter ugly pages
like this very often - probably because I browse new sites rare enough (the 
ones that I browse seem fine to me justified and hyphenated). I will submit the
patch soon that will add JUSTIFY_SPARE_RATIO logic.

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