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lynx-dev Using an external editor on textboxes

From: Sharka, Al C.
Subject: lynx-dev Using an external editor on textboxes
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 12:00:12 -0600

Hi, I just joined this list, so I can't reply directly to a
previous message on the archive, so I'll provide the URL:

I'm using lynx 2.8.2 compiled for HP-UX 10.20.  I got it
pre-compiled from

Now, unless I'm not understanding what a textarea is,
according to
if I set a keymap for EDITTEXTAREA in lynx.cfg, I should be
able to use vi to edit the pre-filled text in a form textbox instead
of the line-by-line default.  The reason I mentioned msg00232.html
was that it also referred to something that looked like it did the same
thing, setting a keymap for DWIMEDIT.

The trouble is, if I try to define either of those keymaps in lynx.cfg, I get
an error message when I start lynx saying that the keymap failed.

So, am I confused about lynx being able to call an external editor on
the textbox?  Or are those keybindings only in development past
2.8.2?  Or, can't I do what I want because the pre-built binary
doesn't have support compiled in to do what I want?  And, is there
anything I can do, short of installing a "C" compiler and compiling
lynx myself, or getting and trying to figure out W3M, another text
browser that is supposed to be able to use an external editor to
edit textboxes, but looks like it isn't as mature as lynx. The URL
for W3M is:

Thanks for taking the time to read and help with this.

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