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lynx-dev some trial changes to dev. 15 (relayed from Hiroyuki Senshu)

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: lynx-dev some trial changes to dev. 15 (relayed from Hiroyuki Senshu)
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 13:21:16 +0900 (JST)

Hiroyuki sent me some modifications to try out, but unfortunately
there's barely enough time to keep up with the Unix port.  Win32 is
still pretty much a novelty for me, so I'll take the liberty of
posting the changes with a few comments [] in hopes that others into the
Win32 port will consider them.

The following change to HTString.c is absolutely necessary to run Lynx on
Windows NT.  Without this change occasional memory access errors occur.  If
you alternately enter 'i' and 'v' you can reproduce the problem on Windows NT.
What is strange is that the problem does not occur on Windows 95/98.
[Does this need defferent ifdeffing, or does some portable alternative need
to be devised?  It was causing memory leaks in some other port?]

diff -ur lynx283.d15/WWW/Library/Implementation/HTString.c 
--- lynx283.d15/WWW/Library/Implementation/HTString.c   Thu Nov 04 11:41:38 1999
+++ lynx283.w32/WWW/Library/Implementation/HTString.c   Thu Nov 18 15:07:14 1999
@@ -833,6 +833,10 @@
            result = *pstr;
        } else
 #endif /* USE_VASPRINTF */
+#if defined(_WINDOWS)  /* 1999/11/05 (Fri) 17:19:38 */
+       if (pstr != 0)          /* !!! */
+           *pstr = 0;
        result = StrAllocVsprintf(pstr, 0, fmt, &ap);

This next piece of code makes the !AUTO on the title bar a little less
obtrusive for users not on Windows.  When using ^L to change the "language"
the charset is flashed in the message area briefly.  [Personally I see no
need for this one-keystroke "feature," so even a flashed message is a pest
for me.  I prefer to use the O)ption Menu.] 

diff -ur lynx283.d15/src/GridText.c lynx283.w32/src/GridText.c
--- lynx283.d15/src/GridText.c  Thu Nov 18 14:12:02 1999
+++ lynx283.w32/src/GridText.c  Thu Nov 18 15:58:12 1999
@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@
 extern BOOL HTPassHighCtrlRaw;
 extern HTCJKlang HTCJK;
-#ifdef CJK_EX
+#if defined(_WINDOWS) && defined(CJK_EX)
 PUBLIC HTkcode last_kcode = NOKANJI;   /* 1997/11/14 (Fri) 09:09:26 */
 #define CHAR_WIDTH 6
@@ -1507,7 +1507,7 @@
     move(0, 0);
-#if defined(CJK_EX) && defined(SH_EX)
+#if defined(_WINDOWS) && defined(CJK_EX) && defined(SH_EX)
     if (text->top_of_screen > 0 && HText_hasToolbar(text)) {
diff -ur lynx283.d15/src/LYMainLoop.c lynx283.w32/src/LYMainLoop.c
--- lynx283.d15/src/LYMainLoop.c        Thu Nov 18 14:12:04 1999
+++ lynx283.w32/src/LYMainLoop.c        Thu Nov 18 15:58:54 1999
@@ -6668,10 +6668,14 @@
+#ifdef _WINDOWS        /* 1999/11/18 (Thu) 14:37:44  */
            move(0, 0);
            lynx_start_title_color ();
            lynx_stop_title_color ();
+           HTUserMsg2("Change charset ==> %s", str_kcode(last_kcode));

As far as people with voice renderers, Hiroyuki's thoughts were that
with the more powerful "Voice lynx" for Windows, people could use it
to filter out parts of the screen they don't want voiced out.
[My personal opinion is that it is above all CJK_EXish, and secondly
SH_EXish, but I'll leave the final decision up to those who really use
and need the Win32 port.]


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