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Re: lynx-dev The "raw" in the title line

From: Leonid Pauzner
Subject: Re: lynx-dev The "raw" in the title line
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 17:58:09 +0300 (MSK)

16-Nov-99 23:27 Doug Kaufman wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Henry Nelson wrote:

>> > > Can I get rid of the word "raw" in the first line of the Lynx screen?
>> ...
>> If you are talking about a Win32 executable binary, then you'll have to
>> get one that was compiled without one or the other of those extensions.
>> Doug?  Jim?

> I am still trying to see how well the binary compiled with cygwin

BTW, what is about sending a email (send a comment/ print to email) with
your cygwin version? Is it works with/without -blat ?

> works. I don't have a binary ready for general distribution, but if
> anyone wants to try what I have on my home machine, I'll be happy to
> make it available to them.
>                          Doug
> __
> Doug Kaufman
> Internet: address@hidden

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