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lynx-dev Screen 3-9-5: line-graphics problem

From: Philip Webb
Subject: lynx-dev Screen 3-9-5: line-graphics problem
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 04:14:35 -0500 (EST)

[ i'm copying this to lynx-dev, as a number of people use Lynx with Screen
& others are expert in termcap/info, so someone may have useful ideas ]

To Screen User Problems:

I inquired c 10 days ago about a problem with Screen 3-9-5 & Lynx.
In case you felt it wasn't a Screen problem, I want to raise it again,
as further investigation shows the crucial difference is
between Screen 3-7-0 & Screen 3-9-5 , not other software variations.
Yes, I have read Screen's FAQ: see below.

(1) The Problem: Using Kermit 3.15 emulating a VT320 (my XT PC)
with Hercules graphics (Kermit has `term graph auto') & Screen 3-9-5 ,
when I use Lynx 2-8-3dev.14 (the latest development version)
to access the document  & goto link [9],
the pop-up menu which is displayed has a border consisting of letters
( q & x for horizontal/vertical lines & j k l m for corners ):
it also occurs with Kermit 3.10 , with Lynx 2-8-2dev.19 & other WWW sites;
using Screen 3-7-0 , the correct solid lines are displayed in each case.
I have tested all permutations, carefully restarting each time.

(2) Investigation: (a) Our system uses terminfo, not termcap,
& Screen 3-9-5 (but not 3-7-0) creates an environment variable TERMCAP;
the Screen 3-9-5 manual refers to creation of TERMCAP,
which it says is ignored when the system uses terminfo.
(b) Another item of software (an editor) requires special settings
of some kind in order to use the F-keys correctly:
these are created by entering the command `auxpad on',
whose exact workings I am unsure of, tho' it works properly;
if this setting is made before starting Screen 3-7-0 ,
it is adopted in all created windows,
but with Screen 3-9-5 it has to be reset in each window:
ie putting it in .login is adequate for 3-7-0 ,
but 3-9-5 requires it to be in .cshrc .
(c) I have no problem with accented letters in Spanish or French.
Clearly, 3-9-5 is doing some things differently from 3-7-0,
but (d) I can find nothing in the Screen 3-9-5 manual or its config.h
which suggests any change from 3-7-0 which could cause the problem;
there is no `changes' file covering 3-7-0 -> 3-9-5 in the package.

(3) FAQ -- --
has an entry "Can't get character-line graphics (from alternate charset)",
which asks the user to do a test, whose answer here is "7-bit chars";
the FAQ goes on to offer termcap & terminfo entries to correct things
(the terminfo example wrongly states it can be split over lines):
I added a line `termcapinfo * " ... "' to .screenrc, where " ... " is
a quoted string consisting of either of your entries, without success;
I tried various permutations, eg omitting the quotation marks, ditto.
I am not the system administrator, so I don't have easy access
to the terminfo database: all I can find is compiled versions.

I am writing this from within Screen 3-7-0 ,
which I have used for more than 12 months without problems.
Clearly, something has changed in 3-9-5 ,
which causes Screen no longer to believe my terminal can do line graphics.
Can you please advise me what to change to restore proper behaviour?

SUPPORT     ___________//___,  Philip Webb : address@hidden
ELECTRIC   /] [] [] [] [] []|  Centre for Urban & Community Studies
TRANSIT    `-O----------O---'  University of Toronto

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