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Re: lynx-dev Would an Outline View be feasible?

From: G Browne
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Would an Outline View be feasible?
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 16:48:54 -0500 (EST)

In-Reply-To: <address@hidden>

Klaus Weide wrote:

>Maybe you should give a fuller description of
>what you intend. Regarding the user interface:
>how should that mode be invoked -
>a toggle key? a special URL scheme? a special link?

Outline View should be available for any web page, so a toggle key would
work best to enter/exit this new mode. Is CTRL-O available?

>Regarding the function: What should be displayed?
>Should it be "active" in some way?

Each heading should be prefixed with a single character to mark and control
its "collapsed" or "expanded" state: I'd suggest "+" and "-" respectively.
This marker would be active and work somewhat like a hyperlink: it would
appear highlighted, and the user could navigate the cursor to each marker.

When a heading marker is selected, two dedicated keys would perform Collapse
or Expand for that heading, one level at a time. Since + and - keys are in
use, could CTRL-Plus and CTRL-Minus work? Else some mnemonic keys, perhaps C
and E?

>I think such a feature would be feasible, without too many changes.

Does that still hold true in light of my detailed description?

>regarding MS Word, that doesn't have
>much to do with HTML...

Word97 and 2000 support HTML as a native file format. Older Word versions
require the free Internet Assistant add-in to read/write HTML. All versions
of Word have a View | Outline command which works great for HTML. Newer
versions provide an additional outline-oriented supplementary View called
"Document Map" which also works with HTML.

>the way output is suppressed if LYMapsOnly is set
>may serve as a template for what you want.

Browsing the HTML_ functions in html.c begins to give me an idea of how lynx
controls its output. Is there any overview available of how the parsing and
display processes interact?

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