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lynx-dev Re: Who Is Using Lynx

From: Al Gilman
Subject: lynx-dev Re: Who Is Using Lynx
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 18:26:41 -0600

At 04:19 PM 11/10/99 -0500, you wrote: 

> I am trying to find out if any other major corporations or commercial
> institutions are using Lynx as a browser in any type of critical
> environment.  My company is considering a large scale adoption of Lynx,
> however, there are concerns over security, stability, and legality of such
> usage.

Security:  Lynx is subjected to intense scrutiny on lots of platforms and any
holes found are rapidly fixed.  Check around, you will find it competitive.

Stability:  I have to laugh.  The dominant browsers are so much worse that
there is no contest.

Legality:  Go to the breakout section of the distribution site and copy down
the "copying" file.  Show this to your lawyers.  You should expect that they
will be satisfied.

Where Lynx falls down is in functionality.  If you want to implement intranet
functions in JavaScript, Lynx will not execute these.

Where Lynx will shine is in performance.  If what you are doing is strictly
business, you will get through tasks faster with Lynx.

This is just a random individual opinion.  To contact the developers as a
group, send email to <address@hidden> as explained under "About Lynx-dev" in
the online H)elp for Lynx.  I have copied that list so others can chip in.
will find responses at

You should also look at Opera.

> Can you help me to find out where Lynx is in wide-scale use other than
> individual internet browser use? 

Owing to our free distribution policy, we do not have good records on who is
using Lynx.  There has been anecdotal evidence of Microsoft employees, for
example, using it on the job because they wanted to get their job done.


> Thanks, 
> Paul Benavides / Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan 
> Telephone: 248.486.2498 / Pager: 248.323.1560 

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